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Your Best Face Define

About Your Best Face Define

Full lips are beautiful and youthful looking. Whether you apply a bold lipstick, or a neutral shiny gloss, details like thin lips or lip lines can make your face look disproportionate or can have your makeup look unpolished or incomplete.

If lip injections are not an option for you, a lip plumper like Your Best Face Lip Define Cream will give you the look you desire. This less costly, and pain free option will subtly add volume and shape to your lips, without the risk of infection or pain. The noticeable results will have those who know you wondering if you’ve visited with the local plastic surgeon.

Your Best Face Define does a powerful job of diminishing lip lines, and making your lips plumper, more defined, and more contoured.

How Does Your Best Face Define Work?

Your Best Face Define uses six advanced peptides to smooth lines, while antioxidants work to protect your lips and enhance color. What this does is enhance the results longer, making this a longer-term solution. This silky, tack free formula goes on smooth, without leaving behind any residue, aroma, or color.

This deep moisturizing lip cream is complete with powerful anti-aging properties such as Matrixyl Synthe-6, Syn-Hycan, coenzyme Q10, and glycyrrhetinic acid (licorice root). The UV protection has been added for its benefits, and is paraben free for safer lip care.

Directions for Using Your Best Face Define

Apply a small amount of Your Best Face Define Lip Cream to your lips in a massaging motion. You can apply before bed and wake up to plumper, more defined lips; or you can apply to your lips before applying your makeup for the day.

Using it at night and in the morning, will get you faster results, and a very thin layer is all you need. The visible results should be expected within the first week of regular application when applied morning and night. You will notice fewer fine lines on and around your lips, increased plumpness, and more contoured definition.

At the end of that first week you can expect to have lips that will look and feel as though you’ve spent the money on expensive and painful fillers, without the expense, and the pain. Even women with thinner upper lips are super happy with their results, Your Best Face Define Lip Cream will even out your lips, making them more youthful and balanced looking.

With all the recent news about lip plumping, lip enhancers, and lip injections, you can now have similar results without the sting of injections, the pain of surgeries, or the expense related to either. You can now have plump, gorgeous lips without injections.

The new generation of lip plumping topical creams has lead Your Best Face Define Lip Cream to offer impressive, defined, moisturized and plump lips. If you are ready to have plumper, brighter and more youthful looking lips, Your Best Face Define Lip Cream will help you achieve the best results, so good as a matter of fact, that everyone will be asking you if you had fillers.

This new generation of lip plumping creams and ointments have left consumers with a promise of more volume, more defined shape, and fewer lines; all without the time commitment, the cost, or without a single injection. Your Best Face Define Lip Cream has come out on top with results, including moisturizing, non-irritating, and with an SPF.

How to Order Your Best Face Define

Each 0.5 ounce (15 ml) is $70.00, available to be ordered online.

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