Zija Morclēr Review – Clean Home Water Filtration Purifying System?

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We are always told to drink more water – and sure hydration is of the utmost importance. However, then we are told that tap water is filled with bacteria, metals, foreign particles etc. (which it is) – and that water bottles are absolutely no good (which is also true). For these reasons, Zija International recognized the need to match their extensive health and wellness line with the Morcler, water purification system.

This announcement was recently made at their International Zija conference in 2017. They believe that it is now more than ever that being conscious of the water we are putting into our bodies be of super quality and readily available.

Truth About Tap Water

Over the past number of years, there has been much more research put into the water we consume through our taps. And, this is not to go without recognizing that in North America (for the most part) has regular access to water where many countries do not. So, please understand that this is not a matter of taking that tap water for granted, but instead keeping the consumer in mind of with that readily available tap water – what more you can do.

After much research, it has shown that water treatment facilities are in fact contributing to the growing problem of contaminants, heavy metals and foreign bacteria, are finding their way into our tap water. The most common thing are the chemicals. These include things like fluoride and chlorine. The problem, is that many treatment process facilities are outdated and the variety of toxic chemicals that are finding their way into our drinking water is alarming.

You see, in the United States alone, there are more than 60,000 different chemicals. And, more than 2.100 are finding their way into our tap water. This is unreal! Other scary contaminants include; pharmaceutical drugs, chromium, lead, aluminum and other heavy metals, and arsenic.

Sure, hydrate your body – meanwhile fill it with all these toxic chemicals too? No thanks!

This is where Zija decided no more!

More About Morcler By Zija International

The Zija Morcler water purification system is one of the best ways to impact your health positively – and the health of your families and others who may consume tap water while visiting with you. With this system, you can eliminate toxic variables that are more and more commonly found in your tap water and you can feel safe that what you and your family are consuming is safe.

The system, is a six-step process that both filters and purifies your water. It uses the combination of reverse osmosis along with Moringa’s cleansing properties. What this process does, is provide you with clean, pure and safe drinking water. This is a patent pending technology and has proven to substantially reduce the toxic chemicals found in every day tap water.

They claim, that this water system is so effective that it can provide you with not only great taste but can turn any tap water into a quality, pure and healthy drinking water.

You may already be a Zija customer since they are best known for their health and wellness line of products. This includes things like weight loss shakes, coffee, tea, smartmix and supermix products. So, naturally adding a water purification system to your home – makes sense.

Say no more to mixing quality products with chemical filled tap water. Almost starts to feel counter-productive, doesn’t it?

How Does The Morcler System Work?

The Morcler purification machine can hook up to your existing taps and sinks without any installation required. It is space saving and comes in a compact design that can fit into your kitchen (or other sinks) without any issue of space. The machine operates on a one button type operation making it also, easy to use.

The Morcler water system raises and lowers the pH of water making it both balanced and bringing it to an optimal drinking state. It is said to not only do amazing for your health and consumption but it tastes even better too.

The screen included on the machine, will notify you when the filter needs to be replaced and this can be all done in less than ten (10) minutes (this includes the initial setup of the machine in your home).

Zija Morcler water purification system helps to limit wasted water thanks to its patent pending design and technology. The technology used is that of being able to harness the power of Moringa cleansing properties and put it right into the commercial water filter. This is something that has yet to be seen in the marketplace today.

This six step system, is your way of not only helping the environment, but improving the overall health and wellness of you and those you care most about. It truly is astounding what we consider clean and safe water. We are not familiar with anything that contains bacterial components, heavy metals, foreign and suspended particles and harmful contaminants – safe.

Curious about how much this will cost you in the long run? What is we told you that it costs approximately $4.00 a year to operate? Sounding a little more enticing we would think. Not only does it cost less than $5.00 to operate, but you will also be saving on wasted water – which after the course of a year can add up.

The Morcler water system comes with a one year warranty from the time of delivery.

How To Order

The Morcler water purification system can be ordered once you have an account set up with Zija International. And, you can do so directly from their website. Once completed, each system costs $599.00 and as mentioned above, costs less than breakfast to operate each year.

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